2ª Edition: Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation: Advanced Training
8 Fevereiro 2023


Natália Lopez, Cannabis Cultivation Consultant Freelancer



ANF – Associação Nacional das Farmácias, Lisboa



8 and 9 of February 2023

Starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:30 PM



975€ + IVA



Presentation slides, Participation Certificate, Lunch, Coffee break and Parking

The purpose of this course is to expand on the information provided in the “Introduction to Cultivating Medical Cannabis” course which introduced the theory and practice of cultivating from “seed to harvest”.

This advanced course will go into more detail on subjects including crop steering, canopy management techniques, management and optimisation of aerial and root zone environments and plant nutrition.

The topics covered here are designed to build on the fundamentals of commercial cannabis cultivation using evidence from the latest science and research.

Every section covered will include risk mitigation strategies based on common mistakes encountered in the industry.

Students will have a more thorough grasp of the factors that need to be considered to successfully grow this crop at scale whilst maintaining quality standards.

There is a growing need for qualified professionals in the emerging European medical Cannabis industry. Knowledge of how to cultivate medical cannabis at scale is particularly lacking and further complicated by the strict regulations that govern its production.
This course is primarily aimed at those who are already working in the medical cannabis industry, and are specifically directly involved in plant cultivation.
However, the knowledge and expertise shared in the course is also relevant and valuable for those looking to enter the Cannabis industry.

1. Cultivation Infrastructure and Design

2. Lighting and CO2

3. Relative Humidity, Temperature and VPD (Mananing & Optimising the Shoot Zone)

4. Mananing & Optimising the Root Zone

5. Canopy Management – Theory & Practise

6. Integrated Management of Cannabis Pests & Diseases

7. Essential Data Collection

8. Harvesting, Drying and Curing

9. Production Management & Staffing Solutions

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